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Proven RESULTS & Success

Our goal at Atos Lake Tahoe is to give our students the best, most rewarding martial arts experience possible, in a safe, clean, and friendly environment. We balance hard training with fun and respect in every class.

We are here to help all students, kids and adults, acquire skills for life! Expect to build confidence, reduce stress, get fit, learn self-defense and prepare for competition, if that's your goal, through the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

We are blessed to be located in the number one most visited natural tourist destination on the west coast, lake tahoe.

in the winter we are a mecca for Mountain, snow and water sports and recreational activities. Throw in the nevada stateline and you counter balance the natural beauty oif tahoe with all of the restaurants, casinos, nightlife and entertainment you need for a fun night out.

south lake tahoe sits at 6,237′ elevation, so naturally, we are the ultimate high altitude training location to take your performance training to the next level. We have big plans for the coming year to host Hi-Altitude training camps with some true legends of our sport, stay tuned!


Atos Lake Tahoe is an affiliate of the greatest jiujitsu team in the world, Atos jiujitsu hq, led by the great, professor andre galvão.


atos lake tahoe is an atos affiliate under Professor Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa, owned and operated by Professor Rob Pyfer. 

Since affiliating with Atos

Jiu-Jitsu in November 2023,

Atos Lake Tahoe has experienced incredible growth. The team is highly active in the competition scene with consistent results. The team's success has resulted in routine podium finishes for it's Professors and students. Being part of the world's number one competition team comes with great responsibility, but it also comes with incredible support from the best athletes and instructors in the world.

Atos Lake Tahoe utilizes curriculum and tutorial guidance of Atos HQ / Atos BJJ On Demand and Professor Lucas Barbosa & the Atos Northwest Team (Prof. Barbosa's home affiliate). We offer classes designed for both the Beginner & the Advanced, and for both Youth & Adults.

We are a family based enviroment, but also carry a strong culture of honor, respect, focus, dedication, and commitement to the shield that we represent, Atos Jiu-Jitsu.

If this is what you are looking for then look no further than Atos Lake Tahoe.


Senior PROfessor

lucas barbosa

represents: team atos jiu jitsu


rank: 2nd degree black belt


Lineage: Carlos Gracie sr > Reyson Gracie > Osvaldo Alves > Pascoal Duarte > Diego Lopes > André Fabiano > Lucas Barbosa


Multi-time Black Belt

World Champion

Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa is a multiple-time World Champion and elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, currently ranked as one of the top competitors in the world.


Originally from Roraima, Brazil, Lucas moved to the United States to train at the ultra-competitive Atos Headquarters under the direction of BJJ legend, Andre Galvao. There he accumulated multiple IBJJF Gi and No-Gi World Titles, as well as a medal from the prestigious ADCC Championship.

Lucas owns atos northwest in eugene, oregon where he and rob originally met and began training together.


Head PROfessor

Rob Pyfer

represents: team atos jiu jitsu


rank: black belt


Lineage: Carlos Gracie sr > Carlson  Gracie SR. > Maurilio Bustamante > Fabiano Scherner > Rob Pyfer


As a Former collegiate and usa wrestling all-american wrestler, Mixed martial artist, Rob ran into injuries and surgeries that plagued him through has last two years wrestling in college and ultimately retired him from national & International level competition. Rob took what he learned from those challenges and used the lessons to apply to his strength and conditioning and training businesses through the years. 

11 Years ago, Ali & Rob had a daughter, Skyla. This is when Rob decided that it was time to get back to grappling but this time through bjj. ROb studied under Fabiano Scherner from his blue belt until receiving his Black belt from Master Fabiano. 

Now under the tutelage of Professor Lucas Barbosa, Lake Tahoe is the middle ground between Lucas' home of Eugene Or. and Atos HQ in San Diego.

Partnering with Lucas and Atos was brings world class resources and support to our doorstep in beautiful Lake Tahoe.


Christianon troisi

represents: team atos jiu jitsu


rank: black belt




Prof. christiano is from santos, brazil and joined the atos lake tahoe team in january, 2024. he has racked up quite the list of tournament and super fight accomplishments since joining the team including an ibjjf orange county open, open class gold. come to tahoe and learn from a proven athlete and incredible instructor.



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Mon - Thu: 5am - 10pm

Fri: 5am-9pm
Sat & Sun: 7am - 7pm

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